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Web Site under construction

We are working on the replacement of the old Joomla architecture site with a new website. The new site will be WordPress based, which will allow us to offer better features and content.

What to Expect from the New Site:

  • Additional and updated material compared to the old site.
  • New exercises on short stories already published.
  • Gradual updating and transferring of content from the old site.
  • Improved accessibility and navigation for students.

Follow us and stay updated with our new content. We thank you for your patience and support.

New Site Index

Our new website features enhanced and updated content, designed to provide a better learning experience.

Easy Readings: We offer Italian readings for beginners, organized progressively by difficulty. Each reading comes with audio to improve your listening skills, English translations for better understanding, vocabulary lists to expand your word knowledge, and exercises to test your comprehension.

Text Comprehension: We provide exercises on short stories that are still available on our old site. These exercises help improve your understanding and interpretation of Italian texts, and develop critical reading skills through targeted questions and activities.

Blog: Discover, from many dimensions, the themes of the Italian language and culture on our blog. Pages of our blog present articles on Italian traditions, history, cuisine, and more, which will afford you an authentic insight into the cultural context within which the language to be learned is rooted.